Analyst Survey 2020: Cycle, what cycle?
13 February 2020
Decisions need data. And the Analyst Survey, taken by our 151 analysts, provides mountains of it. Behind the charts, articles and infographics are more than 12,000 data points that describe the hopes and fears of company managers, their spending plans, and even the impact of climate change on businesses. This year, the survey's overall Sentiment Indicator fell to 0.2 - its lowest level since 2016. This suggests our analysts still expect fundamentals to improve slightly in 2020, but it reflects concern over geopolitical risks, being late in an already lengthy cycle, and being alert to tail risks like the coronavirus. What the survey presents is data, what it offers is improved decision-making. We hope it helps yours. - Richard Edgar, Editor in Chief
Analyst Survey 2020: Cycle, what cycle?
Economic cycles typically last several years, not entire decades. But this one is different.
Coronavirus: The grey swan
The spread of Coronavirus and its affect on the Analyst Survey.
Analyst Survey 2020: A watershed year for ESG
ESG shoots up the corporate agenda in China and the US.
Analyst Survey 2020 podcast: The findings discussed
Hear our experts dissect the findings of Fidelity's annual Analyst Survey and the forecasts of more than 150 analysts across the world.
Analyst Survey 2020: Sector by sector
Key findings from the 10 different sectors covered by the survey.
Analyst Survey 2020: Region by region
The key findings from the 10 different regions covered by the survey.